"The Beatty bottom line is integrity."

We are committed to professional service and product excellence. Backed by 86 years in the flooring industry.

About Us

Building and renovation projects mean budgets, deadlines and timing—any snags affect the schedule of an entire project—so we make sure we deliver our product and expertise ON BUDGET and ON TIME. EVERY TIME.

Beatty Floors is one of the largest full service flooring contractors in the country with more than 80 years of experience in the business. Beatty Floors is a full service commercial carpet, carpet tile, and commercial flooring company located in Vancouver BC.




As a leading service provider, Beatty Floors combines extensive installation experience with local design and engineering expertise to develop unique tooling for raising office systems furniture.

Our core lift unit’s innovative design offers stable “true vertical lift” and a miniature footprint, with local and remote activation.

Usage results show repeatable operator productivity increases of +300%.

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Professional Services

For most flooring companies, removing tough floors is a difficult process that takes days of hand-scraping man hours, but Beatty Floors is not like most flooring companies.

We have made the investment in the heavy-duty equipment and the skilled technicians needed to remove the most stubborn floors efficiently and safely.

Our Panther flooring-removing machine fits in most elevators, runs quietly on battery power and can remove any vinyl, ceramic, hardwood, or carpet floors with ease.


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