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Beatty Floors have unparalleled expertise in the removal and scraping of floors, preparing them for beautiful new Hardwood, LVT or Carpet Tile. Our custom carpet-scraping machine is great for commercial surface removal and preparation, and quiet and compact enough for residential jobs.

Our core lift unit’s innovative design offers stable “true vertical lift” and a miniature footprint, with local and remote activation. Usage results show repeatable operator productivity increases of over 300%. Our Lift System is fast, safe and effective.

For most flooring companies, removing tough floors is a difficult process that takes days of hand-scraping man hours, but Beatty Floors is not like most flooring companies. We have made the investment in the heavy-duty equipment and the skilled technicians needed to remove the most stubborn floors efficiently and safely. Our Panther flooring-removing machine fits in most elevators, runs quietly on battery power and can remove any vinyl, ceramic, hardwood, or carpet floors with ease.

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