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PGH Construction

I wanted to let you know that everyone involved on your crew did a great job, this was a large job to pull off in a small amount of time. The guys on site really made an effort to work with us to keep the trade access flowing on each floor. Having a large amount of guys on site working with floor layers at the same time is always a big issue. This is another prime example of why I like working with Beatty Floors. Please pass it on to your crew. Nice job!

FLUOR Canada, Ltd

I wanted to thank you for all the hard work and the very professional manner with which you handled all issues that arise before and during this big undertaking.

The re-carpeting of 34,000 SF of office space and handling concerns from 250+ people, was much easier for us with the help of the great crew you 250+ had working with us. They were extremely helpful, diligent and accommodating to our needs and concerns; Please let them know that we appreciated the extra effort they put into this project.

Also, I want to let you know what a difference it has made for all of us having our floors re-carpeted. The office looks much better and people have commented on how much nicer is to work here!!!

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Just wanted to let you know that the renovation project is going along extremely well. The contractors for both the carpets and painting have been very accommodating.

I was expecting all sorts of issues since we have clients coming in daily and staff clearing their area, but it has been going along very well – almost seamless. The carpets contactors were able to install half the carpets in our courtroom last night and will be finishing it off tonight. The entire 2nd floor will be completed this week – something that I did not anticipate in this short timeframe.

It is a breath of fresh air to have this project done so well. I am extremely grateful to Rob for making a point of visiting the office and answering questions from staff as I think this did go a long way in getting everyone to buy-in the benefit of this project.

I wanted to pass along to both of you my sincere appreciation on getting the right people to do the job!! I have not received ANY emails from staff about any issues which has NEVER happened in all the projects I was involved in!! Thank you again for your efforts and please pass this along to the Contractors as they certainly deserve kudos for a job well-planned and executed!

Gouvernementaux Canada Pacific Region

I am sure you have heard from Chris that [various project managers responsible for this job] expressed great satisfaction with flooring replacement and painting of walls and affected doors in the project location. Nonetheless, appreciation of work coordinated well by both of you and completed to satisfaction with minimal disruption to our day to day service delivery deserves recognition. That makes work life easier for mid-level coordinators like myself. Please accept a humble thank you from me. I look forward to doing business with you in future.


We are so excited with the results of the work your crew did in the suite. Fantastic!! They were very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Everyone that has seen the suite has been more than happy with the results. We can’t thank you, your staff and Harbinger enough for all that you have done.

Fusion Projects

I just wanted to say great job over the weekend at CF! There is no trace of any activities and it looks the same as it did in Friday (except it’s level of course)! Now if I could only get all our trades to work like that in occupied spaces…

Heffel Gallery

I wanted to take the time to say that we are so pleased with the way that the carpet installation turned out. Duncan, Dennis and Bill worked exceptionally hard and were complete professionals throughout the entire project. I looked over the final results on Friday and was thoroughly impressed.
Thank you for investing so much time and energy into our gallery, our staff greatly appreciate the way everything turned out.

Saint Street Grill
Ross & Jay

I can not tell you how much we appreciate you doing this for us.
It is such a pleasure walking into Saint St Grill once again. The rooms look beautiful. So clean and it smells fresh again. Jay, I and the staff are so very grateful. I think the staff love the bar floor the most. What's funny is, customers know something has changed for the better, but they can't quite figure it out. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Concert Properties Ltd.

You and your team delivered amazing service. I really wasn’t sure what to expect with a renovation of an office this size – the entire process went much more smoothly and quickly than I could ever have expected. Please extend my thanks to Bob & Co. when you see them. They worked hard!!

Residential Customer

I dropped by the condo today to view the progress on the flooring install. No pun intended, but I was floored! Your installed team is nearly done, they started yesterday, with only one room, my son’s, left to install. I am truly impressed by the quality of the product – when you walk on it, it doesn’t sound thin and hollow and I was wearing heels! – as well as the look and feel.

The install is equally impressive: your team has not put any transitions in between the great room and the master bedroom and the den (my son’s room to be installed): the visual effect is stunning! it also makes my son’s travel in his power wheelchair much smoother. Meme spoke very highly of your product and your team and I am so pleased that I opted for your product as well as having you install it. Again, words truly fail me in expressing how happy I am and it’s not even finished yet!

Again, thank you so much and I very much look forward to see the entire place done with the baseboard installed.

Akhurst Machinery
Brian Akhurst

I just want to say that the installers have be very professional and a joy to work with. The installation has gone smoothly and it looks like they will be finishing up today. I am glad that we were able to complete it so that Jenny and her Mum can come home to an organized environment. Thanks.


Janie, I just wanted to send a thank-you to yourself, Matt and your crew. The flooring looks amazing and the two gentlemen that did the job were extremely accommodating and professional. You have a great team.

Science World

Everything is going super awesome ..
funny, I rarely use that word to describe anything.
Calvin is managing everything necessary and the building has been ready to open on time to the public every morning with no glitches.

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