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The importance of carpet care

The importance of carpet care

Today’s carpets are masters of disguise. The intricate patterns mask soiling and stains. The advanced fibers and backings are engineered to resist crushing and fluid absorption. New dying techniques ensure that carpet colors stay bright,vibrant and colorfast. Yarn treatments applied during manufacturing and even some after-market treatments, effectively repel stains. All of this can create a false sense of security. That’s because despite the latest manufacturing technology and can’t-see-the-stain visuals,carpets still needregular maintenance to look their best. Well maintained carpets are a good reflection on everybody who touches them.

Maximize life cycle and warranty protection

New carpets are one of the most cost-effective floor coverings. Even so, carpet represents a major investment. Above and beyond the initial purchase cost, it has been estimated that over the life of a carpet, maintenance expenses average between 50 to 70% of the total cost. Still, keeping an existing carpet often makes more sense than replacing it. Why? Because the longer a carpet lasts, the less it costs.The key to protecting that investment and extending the life cycle of carpet is frequent, proper maintenance.Thanks to today’s newer carpets made with ultra-durable fibers, state-of-the-art dying techniques, and sophisticated tufting and backing systems, properly maintained carpet lifetime expectations can rival that of some hard-surface floor coverings.

Good design and planning equals easier maintenance

Most carpet manufacturers have detailed maintenance recommendations that specify methods, equipment and materials for routine and heavy-duty cleaning.The carpet warranty may be voided if these recommendations are
not followed. Therefore, to protect the owner’s investment, it is critical for designers to include the
manufacturer’s recommended carpet maintenance in their specifications. It’s just as important for facility
managers to follow these recommendations, whether the maintenance crew is in-house or contracted janitorial professionals. If in doubt, contact Beatty Floors.

Clearing the Air

Proper carpet maintenance improves indoor environments by removing debris, microscopic particles and allergens from carpet fibers and backing. The cleaner the carpet, the cleaner the air, the healthier the indoor environment. Carpet cleaning equipment needs to be in good working order and used by trained personnel to ensure that dirt taken out of carpet is not released into the building interior or HVAC system. Beatty Floors has invested in quality maintenance equipment, and our employees are well trained in maintenance methods and materials.

Caring for Carpets

A well thought-out maintenance program keeps carpets looking new, longer. Even geriatric carpets can get a new lease on life, thanks to contemporary maintenance methods that can work wonders lifting grime,brightening colors and restoring fiber “cush.” Naturally, the older carpets are, the more maintenance they require to restore aesthetics and deliver optimum performance. New or old,a good maintenance program can significantly improve carpet appearance and longevity. Beatty Floors can help you devise a maintenance program that’s right for your carpet.

Carpet care is a multi-level process:

Preventative — walk-off mats placed at all outdoor entrances, inside vestibules and elevators — trap soil before it has a chance to migrate to other floored areas.The more soil that’s eliminated before it enters the building, the easier it is to keep carpets clean and the less expensive it is to clean them. Mats should be large enough to cover the traveling distance for several footsteps. Select colors appropriate to traffic areas and local soil conditions. Similarly, chair mats prevent casters from grinding soil into the carpet and breaking down carpet fibers.

Surface Cleaning — regular vacuuming and spot prevention — should form the basis for every maintenance routine. The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) estimates that vacuuming can remove more than 80 percent of dry soil on a daily basis. It’s important to wipe up spills as they occur, before they have a chance to set in and stain carpet fibers.

Interim Cleaning — pile lifting,wet or dry spot removal, and dry cleaning or hot water extraction in high traffic areas — helps carpets retain appearance.

Restorative or Deep Cleaning — hot water extraction, or whatever the carpet manufacturer recommends — is necessary on a periodic basis to remove embedded abrasive soil that can damage carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Professionals

While even Average Joe can handle vacuuming and blotting up spills in the workplace, a thorough commercial maintenance program should be planned and executed by professionals. In-house staff and contracted janitorial services are most proficient at operating commercial vacuums and using spot removal kits. But, comprehensive maintenance for deep carpet cleaning is the province of specialists.Companies dedicated to maintaining floor coverings have made a substantial investment in employee training, equipment and materials. At Beatty Floors, we are floor covering experts and will be happy to guide you to the right resources, including recommendations on maintenance.

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